A.I. is HERE

Dall-E, Chat GPT, Midjourney, Firefly, EON Reality, SketchFab – A.I. is here and here to stay! Already software companies of all types are integrating A.I. including the biggies such as Microsoft and Adobe. What I find interesting is how important imagery is in the world but how up until now Digital Artists didn’t seem like a huge career or even a huge major in schools. Now that we can generate math, graphs, texts, images, videos and more on command it changes everything. For me I’d say lesson planning is the best bang for the buck for anyone who teaches, as it typically takes months to develop a course and upkeep each semester. This is going to turn into a few hours at most with these new tools. I am sure learning management systems will be changing pretty quick (or at least I hope so) to make content creation much easier to generate. Stay tuned as I’ll be blogging more about A.I. as it progresses and gets integrated into everything!