Grammys 2021

It’s been a huge year for producing during Pandemic 2020. At Renzone we have many audio and video projects ongoing. We have 2 projects submitted for Grammys 2021 – Songs written about the pandemic – Six Feet Away and Online life, produced by Renzone Music this year. Wish as luck as we keep creating and sharing with the world!

Grammys 2021

Digital Media

School is back in session and I’m very excited to be teaching Digital Media at Golden West College. I have a fantastic group of audio and video students who will be creating great project together. Teaching is a passion of mine and I enjoy keeping in touch with all of my former students and watching them succeed in industry.

Time Abroad

I like to expand my life experience and creativity through travel. I just completed two amazing journeys to England and Japan. I love England during holiday time for the Christmas markets and shopping display designs. I love Japan for its culture, food, sushi chefs, and of course anime and action figures. I return with new creative ideas and energy that I will pour into my project in 2019.


Grammy Voting


As a voting member of the Recording Academy, we are busy listening to the first round of submissions.  The grammy process has been very convenient, as all of the submissions can be streamed online.  We receive many CDs as well and really great packaging and booklets.  The second round of voting will happen in December, and the ceremony will be in February.  You might wonder how you become a member?  At Renzone we recorded and distributed several albums in children’s music that made us eligible to join the recording academy, and continued to produce audio for radio, television and film.  Its a great organization, one where we have made many wonderful friends from around the world.